Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sorry I haven't been around much. A lot going on around here with the funeral and planning a wedding.
I stopped going to WW cus if you miss so many meetings you basically start over..and I've been doing fine on my own. My scale says I am still in the 157 I'm on a plateau..though it is self induced as I am just maintaining right now. I feel good and people say I look good so I am happy with that. I do want to try and lose a few more lbs though. Hopefully in a couple weeks when all the hoopla is over :)


cdndyme said...

Glad to hear from you.
Hope everything settles down for you soon!
Keep up the good work and feeling good about yourself always makes it worth wild!
Keep us posted.

cdndyme said...

Hope your still around and doing well.

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